Thank you for empowering us to empower them!

For further information, please contact:

Gylanic Education Trust Inc.
P. O. Box 2336
Oroville, California 95965

Tele: 530/477-9619

Thank you for empowering us to empower them!


Your donation enables middle and high school P.E. teacher certification which includes the following:

• 7 1/2 hour instruction. Curriculum meets CA State Physical Education standards.

• Multiple “Play It Safe Defense” instructors assisting with the certification.

• One instruction manual per teacher.

• DV video instruction on various techniques.

• On-line instructional support.

• Power Point presentation for students.

• Curriculum and test material for students.

Our training is approved by the San Diego County School District Schools.
SCHOOL COUNSELOR SUPPORT AND TRAINING: On site nine course curricu- lum covering signs/symptoms of sexual abuse—preventive measures— protective response—building emotional resilience—How to administer ma- terial material– online support for questions and follow up.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROGRAMS are available and are individually developed to meet the cognitive abilities of children within these age groups.


On the website you can use the memo area to specify a State, County, School District or School that you want your donation to be applied to. The Funds in that account will then accrue until sufficient funds are accumulated to send a training team to the designated school/district to train your Physical Educa- tion Teachers.


• Each P.E. Teacher has 5 to 6 classes of 40/50 (200-300) students a day.

• Families of these students could donate or fund raise just $25.00 each to train their child’s P.E. Teacher i.e. (250 X $25.00 a dona- tion of $6,250.00 which could be sufficient for a school district.)

• We recommend that students receive 4 weeks of self-protection defense training in P.E. then a monthly training for the balance of the school year.

• Age appropriate training is taught for differing age groups and their evolving needs.

• Email GET for details of number of P.E. Teachers in a specific district needed for a training session.

• Our team could be in your school safeguarding your children now.


• Individually we are the force that can make the world over again.

• Down load the 16 page booklet and distribute it to your family and friends, educators, church and service organizations.

• Organize discussion groups for adults, female teens and pre-teens.

• Organize discussion groups led by men to educate boys.