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Training of Physical Education Teachers is available to any School District. Our efforts are both preventive and response-prepared to assist certified trained school personnel to address and assist students with surfacing mental and emotional fallout.


We train Physical Education teachers in schools to empower children from elementary school through 12th grade with age appropriate skills to protect themselves from potential sexual abuse, abduction, and bullying, “With Physical Skills, Awareness, Boundaries and Confidence.” Our programs are funded by Grants, Private Donations and School Resources.


The urgency of educating young children on both victim-prevention and offender-prevention is implicit. To be comprehensive in our outreach, the mental and emotional welfare of the program recipients must be a priority for facilitators and educators. Our efforts are both (1) preventive and (2) response-prepared. As indicated, upon certification, teachers are able to provide self-defense and self-advocacy skills to their students. This preventive measure greatly enhances each child’s ability to keep or create a safer environment. Confidence and awareness are building blocks for not only physical safety, but also mental and emotional security.


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